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Insulation Powder
We are supplying a range of Insulation Powder to our clients. It is utilized for its insulation property in a variety of purposes like creating rooftops, wall cladding, creating insulated handle for ladle, to state a few. It can be acquired in radex, ladle covering and many others.
Casting Powder
Mould flux powder is a casting powder one can get at Guru Corporation. Applicable during slab and bloom casting, and continuous casting of liquid steels, this powder is essential for continuity and smoothness in process.
Guru Corporation is a name to trust when considering buying silica fume, micro silica fume or concrete application silica fume. Microsilica is used as an admixture in concrete for increasing its strength and durability. Not only this, it helps in reducing thermal cracking.
Slag Powder
Get your hands on solid slag powder, slag magician and synthetic slag, in order to create concrete that is different from any other in terms of strength, durability and permeability. Slag when mixed with water reacts to generate cementitious properties.
GG Fulotic Powder
Get GG fulotic de oxidizer and GG fulotic powder in desired quantity from Guru Corporation at market leading price. This refractory product is processed in continuous casting machine for the production of billet, bloom or slab.
Ramming Mass
Get your hand on both, post mix ramming mass and premix ramming mass that can be used for lining induction furnace for melting metals under extreme temperature. Chemical and pharmaceutical industries make use of this dry refractory material.
Ladle Insulation Covering Compound
With Ladle Insulation Covering Compound, it is possible to maintain the constant temperature in ladle. This covering compound promptly covers the complete melted steel surface in ladle and tundish. This covering compound is ideal for iron as well.
Nozzle Filling Compound
The black, course granular refractory material called Nozzle Filling Compound is useful material in preventing skulling and freezing of steel. Companies use this material as a key ingredient in successful operation of ladle slide gate system.
Teeming Compound
Teeming Compound, grey granular form material offered by Guru Corporation can be used for improving the ingot skin at the time of bottom-pouring ingotmaking by adding into the mould. It prevents many surface defects, such as cracks, slag patches, and blowhole.
Rice Husk Ash
Our 2016 established manufacturing and exporting company brings to the market pulverized rice husk ash, calcined rice husk hull ash and expandable rice husk ash. These are used mainly in concrete mixes, flame retardants, waterproofing chemicals, oil spill absorbent, specialty paints.
From dead burnt magnesite, calcined petroleum coke, exfoliated gold vermiculite flakes to limestone powder, find all kinds of Minerals here at Guru Corporation. Our company process and pack these minerals in different quantity packs.
Silica Fume
Silica Fume in deoxidiser, micro concrete additive, ready mix silica powder and raw quartz silica powder is being manufactured by us. It is made from high quality silicon to be used in different purposes, especially in the agriculture and chemical industries.
Fluorspar Mineral

Fluorspar Mineral is widely used for producing different products like gasoline, foams, steel and so on. This is very easy to use and simple to handle. This is tested under various parameters to ensure its high quality. This is very economical and safe to use.

Hand Casting Product

Hand Casting Product is widely used for making hand casting easily. This product is easy to use, safe and fun to do. This casting product is widely known for its unique features like easy mixing, non-toxic, safe to skin, long shelf life, and easily biodegradable.

Expandable Radex Powder
Fewer adjectives that better characterize our Expandable Radex Powder are accurate composition, high-grade, optimum strength, and long shelf stability. We also provide the product at the best pricing on the market. This is very economical to use. 
Construction Chemical
We are manufacturing ans supplying high quality Construction Chemical. It is a fine powder which is white in color. It has an excellent shelf life of about a year and is free from any moisture or clumps. It is used as a construction additive.
Synthetic Slag
We are offering our clients Synthetic Slag. It is in the form of a powder which is utilized in various purposes like processing of metal. It works brilliantly to prevent heat loss and great tolerance towards high temperatures. It is free from any impurities.
Pozzolana Cement
Pozzolana Cement is being manufactured by us. The cement is majorly utilized to be used in structures relating to marine. It is free from any adulteration and the structures made by this cement have a strong built. It has brilliant compressive strength.
Hand Casting Kit
Hand Casting Kit is simple, quick, and clean to complete. This kit has a long shelf life, simple mixing, and no toxins make it safe for baby skin. It allows you to capture the fine details of your hands and feet for a lifetime of cherished memories.
Silica Cement Admixture
Silica Cement Admixture is used in cement-based composites and is extremely varied. Quite a few supplemental cementing materials, which are used to partially replace Portland cement, include SiO2 in amorphous form in varying proportions. 
Micro Fine G-Fine
Micro Fine G-Fine has faster initial strength increase and better workability retention. This is very safe to use. Concrete with low water-to-binder is more effective. This has bulk concrete production for raft and piling foundations.
Grouting Compound
Grouting Compound is a premium complete waterproofing additive powder used for both concrete corrosion prevention and waterproofing. This compound is checked under various parameters to ensure its high quality and effectiveness. 
Perlite Ore Granules
Perlite Ore Granules are employed in the production of refractories. Perlite is utilized as a backup insulating layer if the temperature rises over this level. Casting flaws are minimized, and cleaning room expenses are cut.
Coconut Shell Charcoal
We are providing our clients with Coconut Shell Charcoal which can be used effortlessly in a variety of ways. It is not harmful to the environment as it does not produce ash and can be acquired in briquettes too in addition to the standard one.
A range of Vermiculite is being supplied by us. It does not weigh much and is free from any toxicity which makes it highly used in different types of industries. It can be availed in concrete flakes and raw flakes.
 Super Pozzolana Glutin Powder
Guru Corporation is a name to trust for buying Super Pozzolana Glutin Powder in 250-300 mesh size. We use PP  bags for packaging this kind of powder. The Sio2 is 95+% minimum, LOI is 2% max and C is 1-1.5% max.
Ground Granulated Blast Slag
Ground Granulated Blast Slag offered by us is often used for adding into concrete along with other key compounds. This powder must be used in proportionate amount, along with aggregates and water.
Ceramic Coated Pipe
This heavy-duty Ceramic Coated Pipe is designed using hard-wearing raw materials to ensure to provide maximum performance without any wear and tear. It is easy to install and use in highly corrosive environment.
Exfoliated Vermiculite
Exfoliated Vermiculite is being manufactured by us. It is utilized in a number of industries like food processing, agriculture, construction, textile to state a few. It is in the form of flakes and is packaged in PP bags which makes sure that they are free of any contamination.
Ultrafine Cement Additive - G FINE

Ultrafine Cement Additive - G FINE is required for holding slag that is produced during the separation of metal from impurities. This is very easy to use and simple to maintain. This is is used for coagulation of slag on molten metal.


Silicon Powder
Silicon Powder is generally utilised in powdered foods like spices and non-dairy coffee creamer, as well as powders that will be made into medicinal tablets, as a flow or anti-caking agent. This is safe and great to use. 
Barbecue Charcoal Grill
Barbecue Charcoal Grill has a very strong brand presence in the marketplace. The surface can be kept clean and free of dust and debris by wiping with a fresh, dry or slightly moist cloth. 

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